Bettles Lodge, Bettles, Alaska
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Winter Arctic Circle Tours      

Venture north of the Arctic Circle to the land of the northern lights.  Pioneered by Bettles Lodge over a decade ago,  Northern Lights Viewing in the foothills of the Brooks Range has become a world class adventure. 

Although others have tried to copy our tours none have been able to provide the quality of our facilities and the personalized hospitality. With more than 50 years of experience providing service to Arctic travelers, we can help you plan an adventure of a lifetime.

Enjoy our comfortable wilderness lodges and witness the vast landscapes, jagged peaks and the beauty of the 8-million acre Gates of the Arctic National Park. This undeveloped pristine destination is seen by less than 1% of all visitors to Alaska each year.

Pricing and Additional Activities

Photo by Kenji Chono of the Aurora over Bettles Lodge
Award winning photo at the 53rd Nika Photography Exhibition in Tokyo Japan


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