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Bush Bash August 8th & 9th 2014

Fly above the Arctic Circle and over the Yukon River to the foothills of the Brooks Mountain Range. Enjoy talented local Alaskan musicians Green Tara, Young Mothers, Michael Stackhouse, and Sabe Flores. Not to mention fun contests, good food, cold beer, great company and rural Alaskan ambiance.

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Aurora Photography Workshop with Justin Ng
September 22–27, 2014

Northern Lights by Justin Ng

Justin visited Bettles to take pictures of the Northern Lights in 2012, like many he fell in love with landscape of the arctic and the magic of the northern lights. Bettles is one of the best places in the world to photograph the northern lights, he has been planning his return for the past two years. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity to learn from a professional photographer in a remote setting with great opportunities to see the Aurora Borealis.

Justin began his photography career in 2010, he is now an internationally published and featured multi award-winning photographers based in Singapore. His business page, Justin Ng Photography, was ranked top 5 business brands in Singapore with more than 240,000 members. Justin was named as Asia’s Top 30 Photographers in Feb 2012 by Signature Weddings and he was named as the Top 6 Landscape photographer in the world by Pixoto in Feb 2013.

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2015 Happy New Year

Every year in Bettles we celebrate ringing in the New Year with a bang. The whole community comes together along with any visitors, to share dinner a special Dinner prepared by Roger at the Bettles Lodge. Fresh greens are flown in from somewhere warm to Fairbanks and onto Bettles to your plate, along with an hors d'oeuvres of Roger's choice we traditionally have Alaskan King Crab & Prime Rib. Following dinner dance to the live music in the lobby as we wait to light the fireworks. Starting at 11 pm the fireworks display begins, at midnight the grand finale! Gather around a bonfire in front of the lodge to stay warm, viist with other guests and locals - ring in 2015 above the Arctic Circle!

Many New Year celebrations have been spent watching the Northern Lights and Fireworks at the same time.


The Alaskasana Yoga Retreat
Summer and Winter 2015 TBA

The Yin and Yang of Alaska is offered to you at these two Yoga Retreats. In the land of the extreme, experience the unknown in yourself and in the outdoors of rural Alaska.

Jamie Klaes doing wheel pose

You will delight in the Alaska Solstice Sun.  The sun will not set during your retreat, making these Sun Salutations the most memorable and authentic you have ever done.  The Midnight Sun, shining the entire 24 hours per day, will not only inspire your Yoga practice but your imagination. The sun gives energy, gives light and gives life to new beginnings – a place for transformation.  Find yourself meditating under the arctic sun, in a pristine wilderness.  Optional tours will be offered throughout the retreat, from flight seeing to boating to sled dogs.  This yoga retreat will leave you centered, relaxed and empowered – fitness, adventure and travel rolled into one package.

Winter is a dark time of year in Alaska.  This will offer us the most opportunity to see the Northern Lights.  The sun will hide from us while we practice in a heated room, protected from the cold temperatures by firing up our bodies, spirit and mind.  Enjoy the wood fired Sauna before and after practice.  Invigorating practice offered in the evening to spark up the night, awakening your senses for the Aurora Borealis.  Meditate under the Northern Lights, harness the energy from the majestic Aurora.  Optional tours will be offered throughout the weekend, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, dog sled tours and Aurora Viewing cabin excursions.  

If you have never tried yoga, do not feel intimidated!  Our instructors will assist you throughout the weekend. The Arctic experience is a great option for both advanced Yoga students as well as beginners:  all of our activities are developed with personalized attention to each guest’s preferences and goals.  Joining us in these two great adventures will be The Alaska Yoga Project.   Local Alaskan Natives from the surrounding villages will be given a chance to attend the workshop, offering a combination of Alaskan spirit and culture to enhance their own practice and dreams – while enriching yours.


Bettlesville Triathlon July 4th Weekend 2015

Join us for the Bettlesville Triathlon.  Paddle, Bicycle & Run !  The 3rd annual 4th of July event.  This fun event has attracted people from all over.  Some fly in their own airplanes from other places in Alaska, some are guests at the lodge.  Joining us this past triathlon were a lot of local Alaskans, visitors and pilots passing through.  A total of 33 people entered the race in the last event, fun costumes and team names – this is as close to a Bettles parade as it gets.  The triathlon is designed for anyone to be able to join, from novice to athlete.  Paddle across the float pond lake while airplanes taxi for takeoff, 3.5 mile bicycle trek back to Bettles and a 1.5 mile run make it fun for the whole family.  Join a team OR do the events solo.