Linda Klaes in 2011

Fairbanks, Alaska
Chief Berry Picker

Managing the Fairbanks Office, located on the Fairbanks International Airport, Lynda specializes in creating unique adventures for our clients. With many years of experience in rural Alaska and as a business owner, her knowledge continues to make the Bettles Lodge & Air Service a success.

Lynda loves flying, painting and the outdoors. Living in a rural fly in only village she went on to achieve logistical freedom by obtaining her private pilot's license with lessons from her late husband Dan.  Make sure to look for Wilderness Water Coloring Workshops and short trips guided by Lynda in our Bettles Lodge events!

Jamie Klaes (right) and her mother LyndaJamie
Bettles, Alaska
General Manager of Bettles Lodge & Air Service

Jamie specializes in summer and winter custom trip packages & aircraft charter quotes.  Jamie takes time to answer questions on the Northern Lights, the Brooks Range, Bettles and Alaskan Travel in general.  Jamie's late father, Dan, also taught her to fly at the age of 18.  In their younger years Jamie and her brother Tyler played tug-of-war with the airplane, as many teenagers would with the family car. In the winter months Jamie commutes to Fairbanks for half of the work week.  Making guest reservations from the Bettles Air office in Fairbanks and teaching Power Yoga at the University of Alaska. Don't hesitate to write or send an email directly to Jamie with any questions you may have.  Keep your eyes open on the events page for up and coming Yoga Workshops & Guided Camping Trips by Jamie.

Tyler Klaes, pilotTyler
Bettles, Alaska
Director of Operations & Pilot

Tyler, the son of Dan and Lynda, naturally became a pilot at a young age. Being surrounded by the most amazing flying in the country was incredible motivation to study and train to achieve his goals. Tyler's knowledge of the area and experience as a skilled pilot keep our customers returning year after year. Tyler has flown thousands of hours in the Brooks Range alone, also achieving his Multi Engine & Airline Transport License. Having flown with many famous & private photographers, videographers and film crews, Tyler can accommodate any of your charter needs.  

Bettles PhotoBryan
Sand Point, Idaho

Bryan's love for flying took him to Bettles to explore the Brooks Range. Bryan learned how to fly in Idaho, another well known area for rugged backcountry, off airport landings & bush pilots. Bryan owns a Cessna 185 himself and enjoys flying in the off season for leisure. The level of safety and confidence Bryan provides makes Bettles Air proud to call him part of the Bettles Air team.


David, Director of MaintenanceDavid
Fairbanks, Alaska
Director of Maintenance

Dave has worked diligently at keeping our planes in top condition.  His attention detail not only creates a safe environment for our pilots and guest but a comfortable one as well.  Dave is brings the best out of each airplane, maintaining everything from the engine and airframe to the leather interiors and carpet. Sixteen years at Bettles Air, he has not only provided excellent service to our clients and pilots but also an incredible attitude that has built long lasting friendships. Dave is known to be smiling while twisting wrenches and enjoys flying his super cub when given the time.

Long Beach, California
Bettles Lodge Manager

Guest Relations is Hazel's forte. She makes sure that every guest has a smile on their face from the time they get off the plane until the time they get back on. Whether that means giving the best village tour Bettles has ever seen, helping to re-arrange your flight schedule, answering questions, accommodating special requests, personally guiding snow shoe & cross country ski tours - she makes it all happen. Hazel can do everything from fueling a helicopter to cooking your breakfast to guiding a raft trip to the behind-the-scenes paper work & bookings. Gifted with amazing multi-tasking capabilities, Hazel will help enhance your experience in Bettles with a genuine laugh and a heart of gold. Keep your eyes open for Hazel's Karaoke Night, she's always having fun.

RogerAbilene, Texas
Head Chef & Kitchen Manager

If you want an incredible meal, you have found the right man to prepare it for you. Roger loves to feed people. With a passion for cooking and creating dishes, Roger makes sure no one leaves the diner unsatisfied. Roger's adventurous personality has taken him from Asia to the Arctic, gaining the needed experience along the way to wow the clients every time. Roger will be participating in the "Soup Off 2011", representing the Bettles Lodge in an event to fundraise money for the local Fairbanks Soup Kitchen.  Featuring: American Fare, Alaska Cuisine, Southern Comfort and Asian Fusion are all a part of the Bettles Lodge Menu. Keep your eyes open for photos in the gallery featuring entrées by Roger.

Glenallen, Alaska
The Lodge Dog

Minnie is the official greeter in Bettles. She likes to meet every flight. Given the chance she waits at the kitchen door to gaze lovingly at Chef Roger with large brown eyes, hoping to win him over for scraps. Dan always said "Being the Lodge dog is like winning the Lottery."  Minnie is named after Lake Minnakokosa, the Klaes family's favorite place to spend their weekends, known as Lake Minnie for short. Most of the time, Minnie can be found sleeping or chasing behind the dog team.