October Tundra News


What a fantastic summer season – thanks to an incredible crew and great guests. I would like to thank Hazel, Anna, Patrick, Sean, Bryan, Ted, Tyler, Rose, Samantha, Robert, Kevin and Lynda for all of their hard work and enthusiasm throughout the season.

The summer has gone and left us with bare trees and frozen ground. The snow did not arrive on time this year. Keeping the roads full of mud and the indoor crew busy sweeping and mopping beyond our usual tolerance. This week the ground has finally frozen solid and the snow has stuck, creating a beautiful white blanket all over Bettles.

The dog harnesses have been pulled out of storage, the snow shovels ready on the door steps, the skis and snowshoes ready to go.   The air is crisp and cold with another winter season upon us.  As soon as we have enough snow pack on the ground the winter activities will begin. A handful of guests will visit this October, unable to participate in activities that require snow, they have not visited for the dog sledding or snow shoeing but for the sole purpose of seeing the Aurora Borealis. Our fingers are crossed that mother nature will cooperate to provide them plenty of entertainment.  October has proven in the past to be an incredible month to see the lights, with this October being no exception.

This just in from Bettles, AK 99726.

Koyukuk Kennel starts winter training !

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