Dog Sledding Adventures

Snowmachine Excursions

Our experienced guides will introduce you to the Alaskan winter vehicle of choice – 2nd to a dog team, the snowmobile. In Alaska we call this form of transport snowmachine, sno-go or sled. Take a trip down and across the Koyukuk River. From 30 minutes to 2 hours, drive your own or ride behind a guide, leaving the driving to someone else as you watch the scenery go by. These types of excursions offer the chance to see wildlife such as moose, fox or lynx. Many of the villages use this mode of transport in the winter to visit the neighboring villages, to check their trap lines, to meet the airplane for groceries and of course as a leisure activity – just for fun !

Our comprehensive class includes driving techniques, safety, helmets & arctic gear to stay warm during your trip. Don't forget the hand and toe warmers on your way out the door.  Great photo opportunities along the way, hot chocolate and warm snacks await your return to the Lodge.

All activities are weather permitting, conditions determine time allowed.