Professional photographers and writers from around the world have been inspired by the Brooks Range for nearly a century. For over 50 years, Bettles Lodge & Bettles Air has helped in sharing the beauty of arctic Alaska with a global audience. Scenery, wildlife and adventure are usually the focus- but not always. At times, our own unique services and hospitality are the featured story. The historic Bettles Lodge has appeared more than once in the pages of National Geographic and our bush planes have aired on the Discovery Channel. In fact, the lodge has appeared on national television programs in several European countries and multiple times in Japan.

More importantly, the quality of our wilderness trips and the professionalism of our air taxi and friendly lodge staff is always on display for each of our clients.

This is a partial list of only the past media coverage on Bettles Lodge that we feel is helpful in trip planning. However, the photo books mentioned (especially by Fred Hirschmann) make great souvenirs or Alaskan themed gifts.

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