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"Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends, but is played out over and over again in the quietest chambers, that the mind can never break off from the journey." Pat Conroy The Prince of Tides US novelist 1945 -


What our friends are saying..............

I have recently returned from a three night trip to Bettles Lodge and it was incredible.  It was my first trip to Alaska and I wanted to experience it in the winter time.  The staff was great and catered to your every want or need, even a night cross country ski, thanks Melissa.  The food was excellent and I think I put on about 20 pounds from Matt\'s cooking.  I did cross country skiing, snowshoeing, dog mushing and even snow machined.  Of course there was also the Aurora Borealis, which I was fortunate to see on my last night with a bon fire and Jeff\'s s\'mores, totally an amazing night.  It was the trip of a life time.  Bettles Lodge is definitely the place to go to experience it all and where staff treats you like family.  I give it an A+.  I hope to return to experience it all again. Thanks again Melissa, Matt and Jeff for making my first trip to Alaska an experience of a life time.  Oh, and Matt, you have me totally hooked on snowmachining!! You guys were the best!!!!  I can\'t thank you enough for all your hard work and the enjoyable time that I had there with you all. I hope to see you all again some day.  I had a great time.

Leslie from Colorado

Feb 2008 We had a great time! first you literally fly to the doorstep of the lodge and are immediately greeted by the friendly staff. we saw the aurora lights dancing on our first night here and it was spectacular. see it from the viewing cabin. it's almost a surreal experience. try dog sledding and snow mobiling over the frozen river to see old Bettles. definitely worth it. this place is remote but beautiful. everyone was friendly , helpful and welcoming. no complaints.

Su    Singapore

Feb 2008   Thanks for an amazing holiday and a truly unforgettable experience. The main reason we went to Bettles lodge was to see the northern lights as im an photographer and love taking pictures of this wonderful natural phenomenon. Not only did we get to see an amazing display but also got to drive our own team of huskies and rider snow machines for the first time. Your all doing a great job and made us feel very much at home.   The staff were very friendly and helpful unlike other resorts we have stayed at and made us feel very welcome. Special  thanks the Matt the chief too for lending me his tripod which without i wouldn't have been able take any pictures of the northern lights due to my tripod deciding to self destruct the night before.

Dominic Beaven & Karen Brown    London

Outstanding food!

Unbelievable... personable service! I'm coming back and bringing/sending friends and reinforcements...and more cameras...
Can't wait to be back,
David Steffen
Thank you for being so hospitable.  I learned so much about Alaska and the abundance of life up there that I never knew about prior.  When I arrived back in Fairbanks from Bettles the receptionist in Fairbanks gave me a ride to the university museum.  I forget her name but I tried paying her and she wouldn't\'t accept any payment.  This is the type of warmth and hospitality from you all.  Thanks again!
Brian Steele  California

Bettles is the best place for not only Northern Lights Viewing, but also activity! I tried  dogsledding, northern lights watching ,snowmobile riding and CX skiing. They kindly taught me how I do. Each and every are so fun. All of the stuff have feeling of hospitality. I had a ball by the grace of them. Thank you so much. Absolutely I  will come again.

Atsuko Takahashi Japan

Went up for the Aurora Package in February. Superb adventure to never forget. Thanks for keeping us warm and comfortable at 20 below. Snow machines, Dog Sleds, Northern Lights, and superb food...what more can you ask for!

Todd Dunnuck, All Alaska Tours
Thank you for a really great trip! We said we would only visit Alaska once but we are already thinking of another trip! 
Godfrey & Elizibeth Pearce
Johannesburg, South Africa

The auroral activity was great!  The stay was superb,    Thanks to all,     Ken Omsberg   Eureka, CA       

Just magic! You really live in God's country. If you ever need a break, I know two willing Aussies that would sure love to help out..

Sarah Jones        Australia

I worked for a big game guide in 1974 as a cook at the mouth of the artic gate. This was before I was an employee of Wein Air Alaska. We flew into Bettles on Wein and fly out of Bettles on a Super Cub. On my return trip to Fairbanks I had to spend a night at the lodge to fly out on Wein's F27 the next day. I swear to God I had the best food for dinner I had ever had in my life! Dessert was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting with black walnuts and cherries! My mouth waters to this day when I think of the food I had at Bettles Lodge!
Patricia Schmidt

Three of us floated down the Kobuk River on a hunting and fishing adventure that took us from the headwaters to the village of Kobuk. By the time we arrived back in the states we were already planning a return trip in the future. The treatment by the staff was absolutely great in all respects. Especially enjoyed the conversation, advice and help from Bill the pilot. Wish we could have made it to the Pump House though. We look forward to our return trip to Alaska and having the folks at Bettles Lodge take care of us.

Thanks again, Tony Jacobson
I have made it back to my home safely from my trip to Alaska and Bettles this winter. I really have enjoyed my stay at Bettles Lodge, and I couldn't have expected more! No one could, actually.
Kenji Chono.... Japan
Thanks to you and your staff at the lodge for the wonderful hospitality you showed Jim and myself during our stay.
We will be back!!
Mark Byrne
Aeromap US

We came and we saw......It was nothing short of fantastic, Something to remember for the rest of our lives. We hope to be back one day. We enjoyed everyone's friendship and thank you all very much for a very enjoyable stay. thank you people of Bettles and God Bless....

       Keith Mary & Nathaniel Russel
Port Hedland, Western Australia

Here we are all the way from Los Angeles CA. We were here three nights. The Northern Lights show was incredible! There are no words to describe what we saw. Best of All...the Bettles Lodge is the Greatest place to stay!!! We will be back!

Mike and Barbara Villarreal..........  Los Angeles, CA

We had a wonderful stay in Bettles and in Bettles Lodge. Your staff made us feel at ease and like we were at home. The accommodations were fine as well as the food. Yes there is a  strong possibility that we will be back, but I don’t know if it will be in winter or summer. So I say thank you for a wonderful time.

Brian & Wendy Adair  

"Thank you " to Bettles Lodge and everyone here who has made my stay unforgettable. The memories of the Aurora, the dogsled ride through the serene beauty of this frozen Northland and the warmth of all the people here will be forever emblazoned in my heart and soul. It is so obvious here that none of my adventure could have happened without everyone!  Thanks so much. 

Deborah Kuhlmann.....Houson TX



Bettles Lodge

Bettles, Alaska

A great place to vacation!

The Ultimate Vacation.....We came to see the Northern Lights.  We got what we came for.  The lights were amazing both nights.  We were also amazed by the comfort and treatment at Bettles Lodge.  We were here in February 2008.  I requested a snack tray and wine be placed in our room as a Valentine surprise for my husband.  While we were on a walk, a huge tray of smoked salmon, smoked meats, cheeses and crackers along with a fabulous bottle of wine.  All served on a candlelit table.  It was beautiful.  From the time we walked through the doors at Bettles Air, we were treated like family.  My husband was allowed to fly as co-pilot and he was thrilled.  The treatment at the lodge was also like family.  We were equally amazed with the lights and the luxury of this tiny lodge.  Food was Excellent.  We love Minnie! We will most definitely be back.  Hopefully soon!

Jerry and Kari McBride Fort Worth, TX

Feb 2008 We had an absolutely awesome time. We had a great family reunion -- eleven us of came ranging in age from 10 to 79 and stayed for five days.  We did all the activities - dogsledding, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and a scenic flight tour. Oh, and the food was scrumptious! The night we watched the northern lights was amazing. The stories we were both entertaining and inspirational. It was an experience that none of us will ever forget.  I would highly recommend visiting Bettles Lodge.  Everyone thought we were nuts coming up in mid-February but we weren't!!! Everyone associated with the Lodge was wonderful, accommodating, friendly, and just a delight to be around

Janet Savage

Feb 2008 I will tell you that all the food was great.  The dog sledding was so much fun and the dogs were very nice.  If you go on vacation i will tell you right now this is the place.  I had gone snowshoeing for the first time this year I walked two or three miles into the woods and it was just so beautiful and peaceful.  All the activities were just so pleasant and the service was very good.  I love this place and i don't want to leave but i am coming back with the family in the summer!!!!!  They were amazing, with great service. And all of them are very nice!.  The food was awesome and all the staff really were just so fun as well.

Henry Montalto    Croton On Hudson NY 

Feb 21, 2008 There is so much to say about my trip to Bettles.  I am a twenty something from new york and the idea of going somewhere with no atm, cell service and a population of less then 30 terrified me.  But from the moment we took off in fairbanks and i looked out the window of the tiniest plane i had ever been on, the fear turned to excitement.  Everything was so beautiful and real, and i could not wait to land.  From the first 15 minutes of being there the staff had amazing activities planned. John took us on a tour of the town, Jaime and Melissa cooked some banging food (and i am the pickiest eater on the east coast), and Jeff treated us like family.  But my favorite part of my adventure was dog sledding with Mad Max.  I was a little nervous at first but as soon as the dogs rolled on their bellies and let me pet them, I was in love.  Sitting down or standing up, I was just in awe of the views and couldn't believe that people got to see them everyday.  I should also mention  that the lights were incredible, they sure beat the light pollution i get at home.  The entire time i felt totally comfortable roaming in and out of the lodge like it was my home, and the staff members my family.  So thank you soo very much to everyone in Bettles for opening my mind and heart to an amazing world.  I am for sure coming back, and if my mom had her way I\\\\\\\'d be working there...Dietrich need a babysitter? Oh and shout outs to Minnie the sweetest dog in Alaska!  You guys are the coolest, realest people i have ever met.  I loved all your stories, and wish i had one tenth the skill, honesty, and independence you all seem to have.  You have opened my eyes, and i cannot thank you enough.  I hope to see you all again, and if you are ever in the new york area send an email and we will without a doubt meet up! Thanks again for everything!       Julie McMahon    New York

Where do I begin. Dan and Linda are as great as can be. Down to earth, just like family. Dans' flying was as smooth as silk. I've never flown in such a little plane, but it was great! Being here at the Bettles Lodge, is almost like being at home. Only we have to wash our own dishes at home, here they do it for you. And with a little spring in their step. All you do here at the Lodge is eat and sleep. Then of course get up at midnight to view the Northern Lights. It gets pretty cold up here. Just suit up and go! You need to layer up them clothes. Just as long as you do, you will be guaranteed to have the time of your lives!!! So if you are even ! Thinking of visiting Bettles, get off this page and book your reservations straight through Dan and Linda at Bettles Lodge. You won't regret it! Take care and have a ball! 

Mike and Barbara V. from South Gate, CA.


We came to see the Northern Lights.  They were beautiful. We also went dog sledding and ice climbing. The hosts at Bettles Lodge and Bettles Air could not have been better.  They took great care of us, were attentive to our needs, extremely pleasant and helpful. The food was excellent! We had the opportunity to speak with some of the local people who were happy to share their experiences and knowledge of living in Alaska. Bettles Lodge was a comfortable, relaxing and friendly place to stay.  We recommend it highly. They could not have been better! Lance and Tyler were excellent pilots!

Marianne    North Carolina

It is hard to believe we were only here for three days considering all the memories we are leaving with. Telling people we were going to the Arctic Circle in March, everybody thought we were nuts! In fact we thought we might be too!! But this has been such a warm, caring, special, unique experience... the aurora, sledding, skiing, saunaing,...and sharing it all with such warm caring friends. We wouldn't have missed it for anything! 

Laura, Kevin, Tracey, Tim, Rebecca, and Keith....... Spoutsville, AZ and Las Vegas, Nv.

Jan. 2008  I had a wonderful stay at the Bettles/Aurora Lodge. Each staff member was friendly, professional, and provided information and a level of attention such that all my activities went smoothly and comfortably. I found the lodge to be very clean and comfortable and the reviews I had read regarding the food were, to say the least, very under rated. I enjoyed all the activities provided by the lodge and have a wealth of good memories from my stay.  Every aspect of the trip and stay in Bettles exceeded my expectations.  I want to thank each of you again for the level of attention I received during my stay and to let you know that I have wonderful memories from that visit.

Mark Brown    Nashville, Tennessee 

Bettles Lodge provided a genuine home-like atmosphere and were very welcoming. I was the only guest during my stay. They arranged visits with locals, and wonderful conversation. meals were home-style and delicious

Michael Hill...........San Francisco, CA

Finally are we back in Norway after a fantastic tour of Noatak river. The tour of Denali and Denali highway were not the same, we are more than satisfied with the support from Bettles Lodge. We experienced that we were treated not only as customers, but more as friends.... the way you prepared and selected the food package for us bare evidence of not only a sale but much as well care for all four of us. the kids and the grown ups highly appreciated it. we have still food left. the big boy, Wilhelm (nine years), caught a lot of artic greyling, so we eat fish for some days as well. we saw wolfs, bears, eagles and a lot more than 1000 caribous. the river Wally impressed us. next river will be Coleville...

BETTLES LODGE will be highly recommended to all folks who will ask us about relations to outfitters/transportation.
say hello and many thanks for help and support for all your people who has been in contact with us.

Stein, Morten
Wilhelm and Edward.......... Norway

Thank you for everything. We don't know how to explain the great trip we did. It was one of the greatest moment in our life. I was so glad to get back to Bettles, and see you again. Emi was so happy she had chance to talk with Alaskans, and see their life. It may be more important to meet people, talk with them than seeing nice scenery. People gives many tales to the scenery you see. she already started to think when we can come back to Bettles again. Thank you for everything you did for us.

See you
JOJI and EMI  Tokyo Japan

Armando and I have been planning this trip for almost a year. We wanted to visit Alaska to see the Northern Lights. Coming to Bettles was much more enjoyable and more our style than the options. I like the slow atmosphere here. It has been like a family here. We have enjoyed our stay very much. thank you for the hospitality! 
"The Honeymooners"
Armando & Stephaine 

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